Customer reviews

Christiane Sickinger, 40 years old, Sindelfingen

This afternoon I noticed that I was able to do an everyday movement that I hadn't been able to do without pain for months. I was able to stand in front of the shower and stretch completely to put the shower head back in its holder. Like a telescope and completely painless.

I'm excited!

And that after just 1 use on the SiWAVE!

Helmut Lülf, physiotherapist and alternative practitioner, Schönberg

Since 2014 I have been successfully using SiWAVE devices for therapeutic measures for bone joint and muscle diseases as well as neurological diseases. I can report from my own experience that SiWAVE should not be missing in any practice. I am happy to answer any questions.

Karl Gotta 84 years old, left hemiparesis since 2014

Experience report SiWAVE Multi Basic by Antje Fritzsching Rödermark

My father had a stroke in 2014. Since then, there has been paralysis in the left arm and difficulty walking in the left leg.

I got to know the Siwave at the Lebensfreude trade fair and was immediately impressed.

My father goes on the SiWAVE every day for 5 minutes standing and 5 minutes sitting on the chair. In the sitting position, the toes are in the max position, then he opens his paralyzed fingers with his right hand and places them on one knee so that the vibrations go directly into the hand.

After just 6 days, the occupational therapy practice where my father has been since 2014 noticed a change. His hand and fingers were softer, his shoulder was more mobile and his gait on the robot treadmill was rounder. 8 weeks have now passed. He can now control his fingers at will and move them visibly. His balance and gait have changed positively. His goal is to be able to dress himself again. I will continue to report.

Dr. Dr. Manfred Hartard, Olympic Village, Munich

We have been using several SiWAVE products very successfully in our extensive physiotherapy since 2012 (SiWAVE Multi Basic, SiWAVE Multi Plus and Siwave Body Sport). The devices are used all day. We have very good experience with therapy and are also fully convinced of the quality of the products. We are having more and more success in therapy, especially thanks to the unique vibration achieved by the exact sine wave.

Martin Wagner

German national football player, German football champion and DFB Cup winner

As a former Bundesliga soccer player, I had to deal with a lot of injuries in my career! Lots of small injuries that showed up again and again after my career, not to mention the major injuries! I use the SIWAVE Multi every day and am thrilled. It enables me to cope with my everyday life better! 5 minutes a day are enough to give me better physical and mental balance! Experiencing the day more relaxed is simply a great feeling!

Olympic base in Hesse, OSP leader Werner Schaefer

We work with the SiWAVE devices in daily use to our complete satisfaction.

Since we have had the development of the underlying systems and the respective devices available for several years, we can explain that the SiWAVE systems represent an effective way to support the top athletes assigned to us in the area of ​​physical prevention, “therapy and Training”.

Rosemarie Kern, 59 years old, Eppingen

I had severe osteoarthritis and inflammation in both knee joints. I found out about SiWave through a friend. After 3-4 weeks of use, I no longer had any pain and the inflammatory parameters that can be detected in the blood have significantly reduced.

For a year now, I have been using the device to train my hands and arms as well as my legs. This has improved my overall well-being. I no longer experience any restrictions on my knees, the inflammation is gone.

Claudia Volz, 63 years old, Dipl-ING. (FH), Ölbronn-Dürrn

Due to an operation, my mobility was very limited. Even physiotherapy alone couldn't help me. Following a recommendation, I tried the SiWave vibration device. I noticed improvements the first time. I'm feeling much better now, the pain is almost gone. I can recommend the SiWave vibration device without hesitation.

Anna Bäuerle, 80 years old, Büchenbronn

I found out about the SiWave vibration device through my circle of friends. Due to back pain and heel spurs, I use the device once or twice a day for about four minutes. The heel spur has completely disappeared and my back pain has significantly reduced. It is the best investment I have ever made in my health and well-being. I can recommend the device without hesitation.

Martin Frondorf, sports scientist Esslingen

SiWAVE are ingenious training devices. Thanks to the alternating 2-plate principle with the sine wave, the load can be dosed individually - from the ankle joint to the cervical spine. This is made possible by my innovative balori Oscillation Balance, in which vibration technology and balance can be optimally combined. The successes come from both regenerative and performance-optimizing training. I can highly recommend SiWAVE.

Physiotherapy Christoph Hammer, Eutingen

We have been working with the SiWAVE Multi Basic for a long time. We use the device mainly for neurological diseases. The SiWAVE device has achieved amazing results and I can only highly recommend it.

Ilse Gerbig, 85 years old Michelstadt, Odenwald

In 2018 I had serious back surgery with major side effects. I was partially paralyzed and could hardly stand or walk. To make matters worse, I fell over in the clinic in Heidelberg and then broke my thigh. I then went into rehab and was released after 6 weeks. After that, I could only move around the apartment using a wheelchair or my walker. I heard about SiWAVE through my daughter, who lives in Stuttgart. I was very critical of the device because my previous experience was that vibration devices had not benefited me. On the contrary, my condition worsened. I let myself be convinced one last time and tested the SiWAVE device with gangway. After the first day I felt a slight improvement and was pleasantly surprised. The device convinced me very quickly and I decided to make this investment despite my small pension. I now train every day for about 10 minutes in the morning and evening. My overall condition has improved significantly and I can now walk safely without a walker or crutches. Walking with the walker and crutches caused my posture to become distorted, which has now returned to normal through daily training. The device has given me a lot of quality of life back and I can only recommend it to everyone.

Lina Barba 41 years old, high school teacher. Vellinge, Sweden

When I was 32 years old I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and it quickly got worse. After 8 years with Parkinson's, I know what it's like to live with a body that doesn't work and I know how painful it can be to have your muscles constantly stiff. Daily training with SiWAVE MULTI has given me my life back. I can now wake up in the morning completely pain-free and my whole body is stronger, which has led to me being able to significantly reduce my medication. I therefore no longer suffer from severe side effects from the medication. For the first time in many years I can sleep all night and not suffer from painful dystonic spasms. I start every day with 5 minutes on SiWAVE MULTI and it immediately softens my tense muscles and gives me more mobility throughout the day. I do another five minutes in the afternoon and that carries me through the rest of the day. I recorded my workout routine in a You Tube video: .

Practice Physio M and MoveR – Institute for Health and Exercise UG from Hof

Dear Mr. Wagner,

We have only been working with the SiWAVE in practice for four months (June 2020) and so far we can only report consistently positive experiences.
So far we have used the SiWAVE for clinical pictures from the following areas.

  • Orthopedics (e.g. non-specific back pain; intervertebral disc prolapse; scoliosis; cruciate ligament rupture treated conservatively; supination trauma treated conservatively)
  • Neurology (e.g. multiple sclerosis; hemiplegia)
  • Surgery (e.g. follow-up treatment of surgically treated cruciate ligament and Achilles tendon tears as well as supination trauma)

For many patients we also use the SiWAVE in conjunction with the Balori method. We actually discover new therapy options with the SiWAVE every week, currently the combination of SiWAVE and Mobility Stick.
Everyone on the practice team has already integrated it into their personal training program. This fact alone speaks for itself.

Kind regards from “Hof in Bavaria at the top”

Michael Rudolph (B. Sc. PT)

SiWAVE film with Dr. med. Curt Diehm