About SiWAVE

Stefan Wagner,

the managing director of Stewafitness, is an outstanding personality who has been passionately committed to the Stewafitness SiWAVE project for over 10 years. Under his leadership, the products and partner companies are characterized by their reliable function, quality and longevity, with the label "Made in Germany" playing a central role.

For more than 27 years, Stefan Wagner has been a reliable partner for physiotherapy, fitness and rehabilitation facilities, clinics, orthopedic practices, wellness hotels, companies, communities, sports facilities and private households. His decades of experience and extensive specialist knowledge support customers in planning and implementing both smaller and larger projects. The Stewafitness advisory team, headed by Stefan, consists of highly qualified sports scientists, former top athletes and physiotherapists who personally support customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Stefan and his team offer a wide range of fitness and therapy equipment as well as state-of-the-art vibration technology from SiWAVE, developed in collaboration with renowned partners such as Movens, Zebris Medical and Sanus. They attach great importance to customer service and have a team of 16 sales representatives available to answer questions and solve problems.

With his commitment and dedication, Stefan Wagner has contributed to Stewafitness becoming a leading provider in the areas of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, fitness and wellness. His goal is to implement every customer request to their complete satisfaction and he always looks forward to contacting and working with new customers.


Was ist Stewafit?

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