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  • Get fit in 5 minutes of training per day
  • Prevents damage caused by poor posture
  • All in One Workout, Full Body Workout
  • Compact and quiet
  • Helps with tension and stress
  • Fat burning is accelerated
  • Control tablet for personalized training
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Product information "SiWAVE MULTI PLUS"


The SiWAVE MULTI PLUS professional device is known from physiotherapy, sports facilities and rehabilitation clinics. The " SiWAVE MULTI PLUS " vibration device also has a wobbling function that provides additional support for the ankle joints and lower leg muscles. The German quality and the robust construction, which allows a load of over 280 kg, enables a 2-year guarantee. In sports, they are in constant use for 8 to 12 hours a day. The "SiWAVE MULTI PLUS" is ideal in conjunction with the new SiWAVE cushions and mats. This means you can practically train your entire body and create your own fitness center at home. Many references from doctors, athletes and private individuals confirm the satisfaction of our customers. (See

The SiWAVE MULTI vibration device was developed according to the latest scientific findings and oscillates with the sine wave. To enable you to achieve a physiologically correct position on the SiWAVE MULTI PLUS, the device works with two side-by-side, side-alternating* plates. You just have to go back and forth to change the amplitude. The user's individual step width does not have to be changed. *Side alternating oscillation = rocking movement - the left and right sides of the plate move up and down in opposite directions. Simulates human gait. They practically walk standing up.

Each device comes with a detailed instruction manual with training suggestions and a manual for using the mats and pads.

Technical data: Amplitude 3.5mm, total stroke 7mm amplitude, 39 kg, connection values ​​350 watts, frequency: 5-28 HZ, 230V, tablet, tablet stand, 6.5 kg, width 210 mm, height 870 mm, "MADE IN GERMANY" 2 year guarantee,

The dimensions of the stand are: length 520 mm, width 520 mm, height 180 mm. The device frame is available in white, black or, for an additional charge, in carbon color.

Your benefits

  • Get fit in 5 minutes of training per day
  • Abdominal and back muscles are effectively trained
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Muscle growth
  • Prevents damage caused by poor posture
  • Optimal warm-up before training
  • All in One Workout, Full Body Workout
  • Compact and quiet
  • Helps with tension and stress
  • Fat burning is accelerated
  • Control tablet for personalized training
  • Physiological (natural) form of movement
  • Preventionof the following indications

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Wie funktioniert SiWAVE?

Just 5 minutes a day

can be enough to prevent damage to health caused by a lack of exercise and sitting for long periods of time!

Video on how it works

Stay fit!

Your all-in-one home fitness studio

Reach 10,000 steps in 8 minutes

Designed for your complaints

Precision in perfection - SiWAVE MULTI is the result of 25 years of research and continuous development of mechanical vibration devices in the medical and sporting sectors

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Is the control tablet always with you?

Yes, the tablet is included with all SiWAVE devices.

How will my SiWAVE device be delivered?

The device is delivered ready to start, you can get started straight away.

What exactly does a SiWAVE device do for me?


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